Return Policy

Our return policy allows our customers to return products that they dont like or have issues with, within the guidelines given below :

1.The products that can be returned or exchanged should come under the clothing section, i.e , fine jewellery, accessories including bags, hats, shoes, etc are not returnable once purchased. (Excluding made to order pieces)

2. Customers can return a product within 2 days from product delivery. The only requirement of the return policy in this case is that the item being returned should be in its actual conditions. Tags and packaging should remain intact and the dress/garment should not have been used. Once the product is received at the wear house, there will be a quality check post which the refund will be processed. You’re more than welcome to try the products, however, please take adequate measures to avoid any damage to the product.

3. You can apply for a return by emailing us at along with the product images for our team to review your request.

4. Write down reasons for return and some details about the issue you have faced along with adequate images of the product as proof

5. Provide required details like pick up address, expected time for pickup and bank details for refund.

6. Submit the details mentioned above. Incase you are unable to reach us, you can direct message us on our Instagram @shiarai_official